Why is LinkedIn important?

Drives traffic to your website

You can be surprised by the traffic you get from LinkedIn on your website, with high chances of converting this traffic into leads and eventually sales. 

Generates quality leads

It generates leads 227% more effectively than Facebook and Twitter, so it's an essential platform for your personal branding or business when it comes to marketing.

Helps to grow your network

LinkedIn enables you to network with people and professional organizations in your industry. The more connections you'll have, the more people will know about your personal brand and unique value.

Great place to showcase your expertise 

Whether you’re an expert in human resources, supply chains, or remote work, you can share your knowledge with your LinkedIn community and strengthen your personal brand.

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Kotryna Kurt is the founder and CEO of a consulting company Linkedist, that helps other businesses grow with the power of LinkedIn marketing, advertising, and sales.

She is also an active contributor and a thought leader on LinkedIn, where she talks about entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, and marketing. For the last 7 years, Kotryna has delivered 400+ company and public workshops and helped different European accelerators (including Startup Wise Guys, Swiss EP, Tenity, and more) educate their startups about marketing, sales, and personal branding.

Within the last few years, she has shared her knowledge at events like TechBBQ, TechChill, Login, Growth Marketing Conference San Francisco, Sales Formula, and worked with brands like LEGO, Accenture, Danske Bank, and more.

Why people value Linkedist courses:

Rima Kasnauskytė
Founder of CiuCiu®
I gained during Linkedist courses: Personal branding and Linkedin Sales. Just one weekend with courses from Linkedin pros, and I feel ready to dive into Linkedin with confidence and enthusiasm!
Ema Sumskytė
Employer Branding Specialist
at NordPass & NordLocker 
Even though I already knew a lot about personal branding, Linkedist "Personal Branding on LinkedIn" course helped me to look at the same topics from a different perspective.
Deividas Mataciūnas
Technical Data Analyst at Sunrise
I highly recommend Linkedist's personal branding course to anyone looking to create a strong personal brand, especially technical people. After taking the course, my post impressions increased threefold and gave me the confidence and motivation to write daily posts.
Leon Van Der Laan
Founder & Consultant at Remode

Linkedist is the top resource I recommend for learning anything Linkedin-related. Practical and relatable.

Justas Markus
CEO at GetFound XL
The sales course is insightful and helpful. Although I am not a sales lead, I wanted to expand my network and develop my skills. Worth every penny.
Zivile Barkauskaite
Brand Manager at Wargaming
I learned new, in-depth information about actual tools, hacks, and strategies to better reach marketing related prospect via LinkedIn.
Gabriele Vilcinskaite
Service Marketing & Communication Specialist at Danfoss Drives

"Personal Branding on LinkedIn" course gave me valuable insights into optimizing my Linkedin profile, creating engaging content, and how-to recommendations for networking with high-quality professionals. Overall, the course was incrediblv informative and practical, offering many actionable examples.

Margarita Perveneckiene
CMO at Merita Wellness
A must for everyone who wants to develop the personal brand. I've got all answers to my questions, found out useful hacks and learned new things, especially about sales on LinkedIn. Although there was quite much information, everything was very clear and simple to implement.
Marijus Perlavičius
Founder @ PERL Agency
I recently completed the LinkedIn Ads course and it was a fantastic learning experience! The course offered insightful information that was easy listen to and apply in practice, making it suitable even for those new to the field. Highly recommended for its practical insights - it has significantly helped me increase leads and conversions!2 files 

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